Producing Music for just over 10 years, Micah Lukasewich is well known and respected throughout the dance music industry, generally thought of as a progressive house/trance producer, Micah's styles encapsulate everything dance and electronica related, from the deep and sublime, to the intense and euphoric. Micah has appeared on many of the worlds top dance music record labels, including: Global Underground, Silver Planet, Fade, System, EQ, Lost Language, Baroque and many more. Micah has worked on film scores, written many classical music pieces and recently composed a theme song for an upcoming ESPN football t.v show.

As a Dj, Micah has made quite a name for himself and his star is quickly on the rise with a spot as a touring dj on one of dance industry's best known label's: Global Underground, through which he most recently completed a tour of Mexico . Micah is a member of North America's most respected dance record resources, the Balance record pool. Micah also runs "Ruhnsong Recordings" who's most recent release "Slacker-Psychout(Micah's Legendary tribute remix) was a personal favorite of underground house legend John Digweed throughout 2007. Micah host's one of Proton Radio's most listened to show, "Ruhnsong on Proton radio" is one of the most requested shows on the station with consistent #1 placement on their weekly top 10.